The History of the Biggest Lie is Coming

Below is a copy of an interview done by an Estonian magazine with president Paul Michael Bales. The text has been translated and is not translated 100% correctly. But the ideas can be understood well enough. Enjoy:



Michael Paul Bales (b. 1986) is an English voice of a powerful movement of the flat earth, he owns a large library, where there are more than thirty rare books, a flat earth and a lot of other interesting and suppressed literature. Bales also creates music and writes poetry and comparative linguistics, etymology, occultic symbols, astroteoloogiast, ancient Egypt, and the electric universe theory.


Paul Michael Bales article is based on an interview show “Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes” and Bales videoblogs, which you can find on Youtube.


How you discovered the flat Earth?

Already as a small child I read a lot, and I was always fascinated to find in these books, which referred to other books. I’m interested in all the mystical and mysterious subjects and even literary conspiracies. When I discovered a new theme or theory, it is always trying to find the original old books and authors, and not confined to the current literature, for so you can go deeper into the topic. In addition, I like the old language of the authors of the letter, it is how they built the sentences to show that they had a very deep souls by contemporary authors, very often, does not. That’s why I like more than anything old and rare books. I will read a variety of books, and not just limited to certain subjects, because it can put a person in the box. I think that in this world everything is interconnected. I came to realize that we live in a flat and immobile Earth sometime around the year 2012. After that time the so-called researched for many years. Alternative science, the electric universe theory, anti-Darwin, anti-Newton, an anti-Einstein, Hawking anti etc.


What is astro theology?

Astroteoloogia is a combination of words or astro astrology or “letters” of the theology of the religion and the teachings of the scriptures. Astroteoloogia characters are basically teaching the scriptures, the Bible, mythology, folklore, fairy tales. It is as if hidden in astrology. We see that the entire Gospel is written in the stars. The prophets, mystics, occultic wrote letters, stories, and more personalization text form by establishing the scriptures. Thus, the stories persist for longer life, such as Little Red Riding Hood story, based on letters, in the same way “Beauty and the Beast” and of course, the Bible, which feels very much astroteoloogiat. Jesus represents the Sun, representing the 12 disciples, twelve zodiacal signs. And we see the same in all the stories in the scriptures, but they are all based on one from the original source, which is the case. Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, or is present in all the religions of the occult direction. In Islam, Sufism, the kabala Judaism, Christianity, etc. gnostism scriptures teach that all of the hidden messages.

I think it goes hand in hand with the flat Earth astrology as astrology is stationary and the earth moves around the sun 12 zodiacal sign. Astronomy, which is the so-called modern invention, but astrology is based on the model of the globe on a flat model. Astronomy and astrology astronomers ridicule by saying that it is meaningless, because it comes from the Middle Ages, and it is not compatible with the human and letters. But the world’s elite are obsessed with astrology. All they are doing is based on astrology, they do not do anything until they have reviewed the letters state. Historically, the kings and queens of the court is always personal astrologers who were always beside them. The Queen Elizabeth’s astrologer John Dee was a wizard, who was in his time one of the greatest occultists. JP Morgan being one of the richest people in the world, is said to be “not using astrolooge millionaires, billionaires, however, though”, which means that they are able to know and assess its value. Even the Wall Street stock market is used to help astrologers.

Elite uses a very well numerology and the occult or hidden knowledge of their own benefit. But all is not necessarily evil, the occult, as many think. This is the elite of deliberately trying to paint us that we do not explore these issues, because they want that only they have the power and knowledge. They are constantly practicing it themselves, but they mention other evil witches. Numerology is the hidden meaning of numbers. They have all the knowledge that people could explore and practice. We know that on 11 September terroriünnakutega seaotud a lot of numerology, numbers, and dates are a very great power, and if you can use it for their own benefit, then it is also a major force in yours.

All ancient peoples believed that the earth was flat, the ball came only recently. None of the ancient culture did not think that we live on the globe. Astronomers tell us what is the moon, we do not look at the Moon through his eyes but through the eyes of those. We need to begin to re-examine everything through his eyes. Do not look in the direction of the teacher to see what a teacher shows you. Do not look to see the messenger’s message.


How do you regarded the Creator before you got to know that the earth is flat?

I had quite a difficult childhood because my parents have forsaken my early age, and I grew up in an orphanage. But for me it was always there, and when I discovered the Creator of a flat Earth, it only strengthened this feeling. For people who do not believe in God, I would say that there is no painting without the artists, the building without any builders and any creature without the Creator.


I would say that in the Bible there are 7 billion in various versions for all of us there is his own Bible, and the truth, which depends on the level of our consciousness.


What made you realize that the theory of evolution is nonsense?

Above all, the feeling inside of me that there is a Creator. In addition, I was able to realize early on that evolutsiooniteeoria is racist. That came from the apes evolved on the African people, and he sounds like a man with white skin ajuvabana perfectly for me. Since I myself am a mestizo, my father was a Nigerian and mother shotlane, I am categorically against any kind of racism. I do not feel that I come from apes, or the cosmic soup, I do not think that our brains evolved over a long period such as it is, but it was kind of the beginning.

Monogenism teaches us that we all have a common origin, and all the races from one race. Polügenism But what we do not currently taught, is the belief that all races were created separately – Asians in Asia, Africa, Africans, Europeans, Europe and so on. But we are all brothers and sisters; we all love each other, we should not condemn each other, and the difference in their appearance alone. When you realize someone condemned, it also means you will be condemned – if you love, you are loved you too. It is very important to see something more than just a look, to see the soul itself.

I think that all people are beautiful – blacks, whites, Asians, Arabs, etc. The beauty of all races. I see myself as a man of feminine beauty as Asian woman american woman given her every African, etc. so I can only see the beauty of the mixed-blooded woman. If anyone wants to maintain a certain race, they can do it themselves with each other, however, when two people love each other, then they are created to be together, no matter what race they are or not. Love can not be suspended because love is the greatest power. God is love, love is the beginning and the ending. Love is what we all have, however, the elite and the control system is not. As long as we have love in you, as long as you are strong.


Which of the flat earth model seems most logical to you afford?

I am open to all, but I am inclined to think that our members have a dome, just as all ancient cultures spoke. It seems logical to me, because if our members would not be a so-called roof, it would go all out to do so, after all, the atmosphere somewhere distributed. Flat Earth endless but it does not seem logical to me, though, are more in favor of this theory, people tend toward atheism. We do not have answers to all questions related to the flat Earth, and people tend toward atheism is constantly rubbing their nose because they must always be the answer to everything. But I will say that sometimes you have to just rely on gut instinct, and to provide the opportunity. It has the ability to see things before they occur; the ability to see the invisible; It is a gut feeling, and my gut feeling is that our members have a dome. I follow your heart and intuition, and therefore I do not believe that the flat earth goes forever. The only thing that is eternal, and God is the flat-earth is his creation.


Because of our members is a dome, it can therefore not very far from Earth, NASA go. Therefore, they have to direct their spaceflights and photos. What is this dome really is, we do not know. They say that the Van Allen radiative prevents them from going far but I think it’s the dome.


What do you think of that are outside the dome?

I have not the foggiest idea about it, and I have not even thought much about it, chances are that we will never know. It could be anything, maybe there’s one reality to the next, such as Truman Show.


What do you think are the stars?

I like the way my colleague Michael Lewis calls them – the stars are souls. They may be unaware of the creatures. It is possible that there is some relationship between the electricity. I believe that the electric universe theory should be more research. The sun does not have a huge fireball, as it is fed to the distant and cold out there in space? And why is it that we are closer to the Sun go, the cooler it gets, for example, when climbing a high hill. I would not exclude that transmits the heat of the sun and the Earth, this Earth itself is just that warms us. The same is true of our bodies – if the outside is warm, you will be more heat from within us; when it is cold outside, the heat stays inside us. I believe that God created the sun to us and, therefore, is a symbol of the Sun God on Earth.


What do you think is the moon?

I definitely believe that the moon is not an old sun, or some kind of artefact that some conspiracy theorists speak but I believe that God created the sun and the moon, and at the same time for a purpose. Without Moon we could not exist. When the turtles hatch their eggs, they will observe the moon light to go into the water. This month they are generated in the same way as it has created for us. Moon was created so that we have the time and the seasons. The moon is a symbol of femininity, and it is related to the women’s menstrual cycle. Moon’s surface is reminiscent of the ying-yang sign.


What kind of books do you recommend to people the Earth flat?

My Favorites flat Earth’s books are “The Earth Not a Globe,” “Astronomy Zetetic”, “100 The Earth Is Not A Proofs Globe,” which attracted me to. In addition to the “A REPARATION Universal Gravitation A Fake Universal”, there are a lot of good books. I gave Eric Dubay many books for his research as well.


What the future holds and when to comes to the flat earth mainstream media?

The more we take the floor and talk about these issues, the quicker it will all be päevalgele. When I discovered the flat earth, it was extremely difficult to share with anyone, because no one is talking about today, it is no longer quite so difficult. Not hurt so much anymore, because so many people have realized that the earth really is flat. The feel is a strong sense of cohesion. We are able to literally change the future – we make the earth flat globe Earth. We are able to achieve anything, as long as we have faith in ourselves and hope and trust in God. Our life must go through tough moments but ultimately will win the love of all. Good always wins.


The biggest lie in history is coming and the world is changing, literally. Millions of people around the world have woken up and are nice to see that they need to be to each moment. It is great to be a part of this movement and to play their role in the whole process. Flat Earth brings people together more than anything else. It is easy to understand and visualize. If you realize that you have lied to the shape of your home, then you begin to wonder what else you have lied. As Morpheus says “The Matrix”, “all of the people do not want to connect to the open.” The same is also a flat Earth, many people do not want to live in a flat Earth, since they enjoy their own and live in a bubble ball, they do not want to see that someone put your bubble broke. They want to believe in extraterrestrials and kosmosereisidesse and be the first to order to go to Mars. Lord Francis Bacon believed that the Earth is moving, then why would you believe it? Aristotle did not believe that things are falling off because of some kind of forces that pull it toward you. He believed that they fall from its own weight as a result. And today, people are beginning to realize that Isaac Newton’s magical power like gravity does not exist.


It is interesting to observe the reaction of scientists and the scientific community on a flat Earth. The land has a flat hottest topic on the Internet, although it is pressed down as far as possible. The mainstream media is silent completely flat land, but it will soon become as well as the millions and millions of people around the world wake up to the reality part. But the scientific community is silent and ignore this line of confusion, because they do not want to give it life, because it would break their own lives.


Also, a great many of the silent conspiracy of news portals and famous scholars. Alex Jones, the Young Turks, Russell Brand – they are all checked. People are offered a “good cop-bad cop” show. We all know who is a bum, but now we have been fed for the ‘good cop’ as Russell Brand but also he is in fact, paid for, because the system needs to have control on both sides. It’s like a gangster, who oversees both teams, because he goes out, and thus contributing to its always wins. Similarly, the elite, they do not like to lose. Very rarely we hear the real voices and real people through the mainstream media. Newton, whose book “The Principia” is thicker than the Bible, means that he could not understand his self-created theory of gravitation. They always do all the books so thick and obscure that no one of them could not understand. Therefore, people do not investigate these issues and assume that some clever scientists can understand, after all, and so it is. Einstein’s theory of relativity in the same way did not understand his, it does not understand to this day no one. Gravity is only a theory and nothing more. These theories that have been created to confirm the model of the globe. It may be that we live in one of the huge globe that has a flat bottom but the top of the globe and not – this is impossible. Water does not mesh with the rotating ball stuck – if the experiment did not think of himself. Pour water on a ball and see what happens.


Beautiful view of how the Earth is flat by the people themselves to think, to learn, to explore, to observe and to do tests. People are starting to make their home pages, YouTube videos, they buy compasses, telescopes and maps. Leonardo DaVinci, has said: “I want to learn everything.” Up to now, has been the way that scientists are watching the stars, and you say, what you see but in reality you can not see anything, you just think that you can see it as you were told, however, now it is all beginning to change. Our children of today are the ones who carry out the final change and begin a globe displayed. Children can quickly understand the flat earth, because they have not been for decades ajuloputatud or impregnated with ideology. Children trust their own senses and intuition. Adults are taught not to trust themselves, to your mind, heart and soul – which could be even bigger crime?


Do not follow leaders to find a few different things, and not herself a leader. Getting to know the Earth around hitting flatter your whole perception of reality and belief. It will make you think for some time, and you will be bewildered and uncertain. You do not know who you are and where you are – at the beginning it will be hard but it will be easier, and ultimately it will only make you feel good about that is managed. You’ll know that you’re living at the center of the universe, and you are very important, it will give you strength. Our Earth is all we have, so you start to appreciate it more. You are not a monkey but a person who has created God in his own image. You have the same abilities that he, you know how to create, and dream. This is the power of all of us on the inside. The people who control the world, this so-called elite, they can not afford to give you more wisdom and knowledge than they themselves are, as only then can they check you in. That’s why they need to quell your intellectuals. They themselves have a box, and therefore they have to put you further into a smaller box that you would be able to control. Develop a passion to study and explore, be curious, ask the big questions, look around and introduced themselves. Search the inside of his divinity. It is the infinite power and potential. Self-educated person is thousands of times greater than anybody minded university graduates.


There is nothing new under the sun – the truth remains always true and the false will always be wrong. Wrong need to protect themselves even more, however, lies the truth does not need to defend themselves with nothing other than his own. I could die tomorrow, however, the truth will remain. The truth goes hand in hand with God, God is truth, and God is love, love is God.


Flat Earth will bring all countries on the same level. It is no longer at the top in the world in North America, and South America, and Africa, somewhere beneath. With a third of the world jaburusest they even speak? It’s all one world and one of the Earth. Africa is not the third world, and America is no longer the number one ever. All are important and all people equally, regardless of their appearance, religion or their wallet. All are important. Do not think for themselves badly. Do not believe that you live somewhere less important than anyone else in the place. You’re richer than you have ever imagined, this wealth is within you. Your heart is your greatest treasure and that is what inspectors are not – they are heartless. They are so poor that they only have to have the money. That’s why they need their cash, shares and gold buildings, because they do not have a real treasure – the heart, friendship, compassion, empathy, beauty and divinity. Because they are not, then they do not want that, would you do it well. That is why they are likely to push down through your divinity television, vaccines, media manipulation and propaganda. They’re taking your attention away from all the possible jaburdusega. But you’re stronger than they are. They are spending billions trying to control you, think about it. Why are they spending so much money, time and energy that you control. Because you’re so powerful. We are all more powerful than they are, and because they are afraid of us.


Hindu God Krishna said: “Those who think that they can kill and those who think that they can kill both are wrong.” The elite thinks that we can kill them, but they are wrong. Those of us who are afraid to resist the elite because we are afraid of death, it is also wrong. We’re dying, our bodies are just clothes that you put on when you are born and you take off, you die. Within you is the real you – your soul, which is a giant compared to your body, which is like a little ant. Let us free from this giant. We live in an era of powerful and insane, possibly to a dangerous era. Do not lose faith and know that everything is fine. The divine plan is more powerful than the human blueprint.


Paul Michael Bales can be contacted via Facebook.