List of Flat Earth Slang

Ball Room Dance

(slang) What ball Earthers do to distract themselves from the flat Earth truth

Ball Shit

(slang) What comes out of the mouths of ball Earthers when they talk about the Earth being a ball.


(slang) The helmet of Globe Heads. Coined by Paul Michael Bales.


(slang) The people who attend the Ball Room Dance (above). Coined by Paul Michael Bales.


(slang) People who believe the Earth is a ball shape.


(slang) To believe in the Ball Earth model.


(slang) To express annoyance or defiance of the Ball Earth model.


(slang) (noun. con-sphere-acy) The blatant 500 year+ confidence trick that the Earth is a sphere. Coined by Richard Wright.


(slang) What people who believe in an infinite Earth call people who believe in an enclosed dome Earth.


(slang) A term for Flat Earthers. Coined by Lori Frary.


(slang) (noun. g-lie-baal-ist) A paid liar of the "globe" deception, including politicians, main stream media, fake truth seekers, etc etc... Coined by Richard Wright.

Globe Head

(slang) A person who refuses to study the idea that the Earth is not a globe.

Global Warming

(slang) The term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth's climate.


(slang) To obey the Globe Earthers and believe the Earth is a ball.


(slang) People addicted to the Globe Earth theory. Coined by Paul Michael Bales.


(slang) What a globe head gets as a last resort, after becoming aggressive, offensive and violent after hearing calm facts about the Flat Earth but refusing to accept the truth. Coined by Richard Wright.


(slang) Globe Earthers = robots = Globots. Coined by Mark Knight.


(slang) A play on the word "hysterical" coined by Paul Michael Bales.


(slang) Those people working for the fake space program of the USA.

Prince on the Ball

(slang) Term coined by Math Powerland.


(slang) From the phrase "It's getting shilly" by Math Powerland to describe the incresaing number of shills working their way into the Flat Earth Movement.


(slang) Slang term for Eric Dubay's IFERS group. Coined by Paul Michael Bales


(slang) A play on the word "eerie" coined by Paul Michael Bales.

Spheranoia / Spheranoid

(slang) A play on the words "paranoia" and "paranoid" coined by Paul Michael Bales.


(slang) People and agencies like NASA, Neil De Grasse Tyson, Mainstream Media, Alex Jones, Max Igan, Einstein, etc, etc, that spread sphere.


(slang) People who think the Earth is a sphere.